Blackbourn Geoconsulting: Specialists in Petroleum Geology

Geological Consultancy to the Hydrocarbon Industry

Blackbourn Geoconsulting specialises in petroleum geology at all stages of hydrocarbon exploration and development, from initial evaluation of a basin to enhancement of production from a mature field.

Core Logging & Interpretation

Core Logging

Detailed core logging, to the client's specification. Computer-generated logs with core images and other data.

Optical Petrography & Laboratory Services

Optical Petrography

Full description of thin sections including texture, mineralogy, diagenesis and inferred reservoir characteristics.

Regional Studies &
Resource Evaluation

Basin Analysis

Utilising a wide range of geological disciplines to determine the structure, sedimentary fill, nature and evolution of a basin.

Blackbourn Geoconsulting offers a multi-disciplinary approach tailored to suit both the client and the project. Contact us to see how we can help with your new projects.

Blackbourn Geoconsulting: Specialists in Petroleum Geology